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Bone fishing in Los Roques Venezuela #1

Enjoy Flyfishing all year around. Voted as number one bone fishing destination in the world. Los Roques will surprise you with its all year round fishing. The archipelago of Los Roques is out of the hurricane belt with perfect conditions including a fantastic scenery, friendly people and virgin flats. The archipelago Los Roques National Park is situated in the Caribbean Sea, 90 miles north of Caracas the Capital of Venezuela.

Los Roques, also known as “The bonefish Paradise” offers you the opportunity of catching a large numbers of fish in the 5 to 12 pound category all year around.

We designed our basic program of around five days, with 4 days of fishing. But one week or more might still not be enough for the real sport fisherman that only has the chance once in a year. FlyFishing

Day fishing with guide is possible just let us know at which posada you are staying in and our guide will come around and visit you when you are ready.

bone fishing bone fishing bone fishing
bone fishing

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