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bone fishing
bone fishing
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bone fishing

General info.

Most of the lagoons are shallow and provide exceptional and unique fishing for bone fish.

These lagoons are fished primarily at high tide stages when other flats are too deep for the best fishing.

Long leaders, finer tippets, non-weighted flies, and a relaxed approach and presentation are all requisites to the best fishing in these turquoise, crystal clear lagoons.

There are smaller and deeper water lagoons all around the islands where 10-30 lb. tarpon have been caught.

Fishermen have occasionally had the opportunity to cast  large permit from the boat where the deeper water approaches the flats.

Tarpon in the 40-60 lb. class have also been sighted at the edges of the southern islands.

All fishing, except for tarpon and permit, will be done by wading; Your guide will always try to set you off so that you wade downwind with the sun in your back. Wind is normally in the 5-15 knot range.

bone fishing bone fishing bone fishing
bone fishing

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