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I found the stay in Los Roques very enjoyable.
I can strongly recommend Macanao as a very friendly posada with great atmosphere, comfortable lodgings, helpful staff and wholesome food.
I would definitely return to Macanao given the opportunity. The bonefishing was great. There were many fish and the conditions were forgiving enough for someone inexperienced with bonefish to be able to experience the thrill. I would definitely recommend Los Roques as a bone fishing destination.
Regards, Graham

The Sailboat Obsession, Elisabeth and Ronald were great, comfortable and accommodating.
Elisabeth worked hard to please us and Ronald was a wealth of knowledge about fishing and ready to take us at any moment. Pedro (our guide) and Louis (botero) were also first class.
Pedro knew where the bonefish were, had great eyes and had a nice gentle style about him. That's all you can ask in a guide. The local Penero was first class and after a brief problem with a cable ran great and fast! Best regards  John

bone fishing bone fishing bone fishing
bone fishing

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